Bergpanorama Relais Chalet Wilhelmy am Tegernsee
Lake & Mountains
Enjoy unique experiences
Delightful swimming and mountain pleasure.

A stone’s throw from the lake. Close to the centre of the village. Just the right distance to be able to choose at any time between tranquillity and vibrancy.

The seasons are reflected in all their beauty and abundance in the lake. Sometimes loud, sometimes gentle. Sometimes vibrant and captivating. Sometimes grounding and providing safe haven.



Sommertag am See Relais Chalet Wilhelmy

Depending on which season melody you choose. When we are permitted to make your heart beat faster. Our lovely and characterful lakeside hotel awaits you, a destination where you can experience, savour and adore the gloriously diverse nature of our region on an unforgettable holiday by Lake Tegernsee.

Gipfelkreuz im Frühling am Tegernsee Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
The seasons
With a variety of options.

The awakening of nature, the blossom in the trees, the colourful pageant of the leaves and the stillness of winter which can only engender this depth by the lake.

Here you become part of the seasonal round in all its fullness and splendor. Nature shows itself from its most beautiful and versatile side by Lake Tegernsee.

Glückliche Momente am Tegernsee im Relais Chalet Wilhelmy verliebtes Paar auf dem Rad
Spring pageant

The gentle twittering of birds and the beauty of snowdrops. Long walks with a gentle spring breeze on your back. At last the opportunity to feel the spring sun on your face.

Wandern am Tegernsee Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
Summer delight

The dream of summer resort. A long cherished one. A paradise of possibilities. Colorful and vibrant. Enjoying the summer sun at its best.

Bootstour am Tegernsee durch die Herbstlandschaft rund um das Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
Autumn's glow

Autumn. Bright and warm. With all its richness of colors and the treasures of nature. Whether stormy or sun-drenched. Every day offers exciting and new things. Pure joie de vivre with a golden-yellow glow.

Wallbergbahn am Tegernsee im Winter Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
Winter wonderland

White vastness. High peaks. Majestic lake impressions. In winter, the Tegernsee Valley is transformed into a wonderland that beckons you out to experience it. Depending on your wishes, sometimes fast-paced, sometimes calming. Offering freedom in every respect.