Außenansicht mit Pool des Relais Chalet Wilhelmy im Sommer
At once deep-rooted and luxurious.

Ideally, a hotel is a temporary home from home for its guests – and the Ziegelbauer family achieve this with an ease and dexterity that are truly astonishing. At the Relais Chalet Wilhelmy the host takes care of the culinary pleasures with consummate charm. He loves to advise on the perfect wine. He strives to bring heaven on earth on the plates of his guests. And the sensitive and stylish presence of Mrs Ziegelbauer can be seen and felt throughout the hotel.

Gastgeber Familie Ziegelbauer Relais Chalet Wilhelmy

Every room is in full bloom. In fact it is as if the bouquet has just been placed so that it can be discovered the very next moment to bring someone delight that instant.
The hotel exudes understated luxury, colour and joie de vivre. Even the smallest object has been painstakingly placed. Never at random or by chance. As if by magic everything has its very own place and the guest also has this feeling of being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. In the Relais Chalet Wilhelmy.

Naturdoppelzimmer Blauer Mohn Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
Did you know?
Once upon a time... for anyone curious we’re happy to reveal how the hotel got its name:

The present-day Wilhelmy was built in 1928 as a guesthouse with a general store. Following the discovery by Adrian Stoop, a Dutch employee of an oil production company, of the sen-sational curative properties of the water of Bad Wiessee, baths began to be administered in the town and the new bathing health culture enjoyed its heyday before the Second World War. The property was purchased by Wilhelm and Wilhelmine Hornstein and they gave it the name composed of their two first names: the Kurheim WILHELMY.