Kaminknistern und Weingenuss im Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
The Relais Chalet
Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
Boutiquehotel by Lake Tegernsee

Dreams come true. Arrive home. Small and classy. A hotel that is a treat for the eyes and fills the heart with joy. Where you can be yourself. You won’t find big and loud here. The focus is on the unique. Quite simply a new understanding of luxury.

Such a place can only evolve through people who follow their heart. Who heed their calling on a daily basis. And with passion and a sure hand for spaces, moments and people are in-conspicuously present and personally go the extra mile for the guest 24/7. With their hotel on Lake Tegernsee the Ziegelbauer family has cut a boutique hotel diamond from a traditional country house. Unique and congenial.