Since May 29th, 2021

Dear guests, dear friends of the Relais Chalet Wilhelmy,

we have been able to open our doors wide again since May 29th, 2021 and finally welcome you again, dear guests! We look forward to seeing you soon again.

Yours, the Ziegelbauer family

Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
A treat for the eyes and sure to warm the heart.

A lake as blue as the sky. A destination that has been established for decades in its spot, close to the lake, in Bad Wiessee. Here history is palpable in every room. The old and traditional have been lovingly and attentively preserved. Deep-rooted yet constantly evolving. The result: country house style meets design. Cosiness meets zeitgeist. A constant haven from the tumult of the world. But also a place to get together with the people who really matter in life. To celebrate. To linger. To create never-to-be-forgotten moments.

Außenansicht mit Pool des Relais Chalet Wilhelmy im Sommer
Living at
Relais Chalet
Fits. Perfect.
Naturdoppelzimmer Bett Weisse Magnolien Relais Chalet Wilhelmy

A house as individual as its guests. No two rooms look alike. Each one has its own style. The recommendation when choosing a room is made individually and personally.

Doppelzimmer Naturtöne Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
Our hygiene promise
Given with all our heart.

Purity and cleanliness have always been a matter of course at the Relais Chalet Wilhelmy. You can find insights into our tested concept here.

Questions about this? We are pleased to assist you.


Weiße Pfingstrosenblüte Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
Gartenbrunnen mit Wasser Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
5 Nights
Recharge your batteries
Allow silence.

Finally. Time for yourself. Freeing the mind. Allow yourself to rest. Relax the body in Bad Wiessee’s iodine-sulfur spring water. Find new energy and healing.

Segeln am Tegernsee Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
3 Nights
Lust for life
in colorfoul.

Painting life in its most beautiful colors. And linger at Lake Tegernsee for a few sunny days.

Yoga und Entspannung am See Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
7 Nights
Relaxation for the soul
Happiness as a state of mind.

Get back into balance. And let your soul dangle far away from everyday life. By the way: nowhere is the view wider and the heart lighter than by the water.

Summer is so beautiful
Best at the Tegernsee.

Fabulous swimming. Meadows in bloom. Walking barefoot. Licking ice cream and savouring strawberries and cream. Escaping the heat by spending the day on a lounger by the pool or the lake. With a unique view of the mountains. Conquering the summit is already firmly in mind for the next day.

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When, if not now? If not here, where?
Who, if not we?
– J. F. Kennedy –

Get your time-out at Tegernsee in just a few clicks.

- 2 +
Excellent for gourmets
Here at the Tegernsee you live and love enjoyment.
Private Spa
Dive in. Breathe. Recover.
Rückenmassage im Relais Chalet Wilhelmy

Private stays private. Exclusively and only for you.


Schwimmen im erfrischenden Pool Relais Chalet Wilhelmy
Get together and exchange ideas.
tagungspavillon Freigeist Außenansicht Garten Relais Chalet Wilhelmy

Our conference rooms invite you to make plans and advance your visions.

Seminrraum Halali Tisch Nahaufnahme Relais Chalet Wilhelmy